Anna University 5th Sem IT Question Papers

System Software Computer Networks Digital Signal Processing Information theory & coding 
Java Programming  Engineering Economics & Financial Accounting

IT 5th semester Question bank collection


                       System Software
                             Nov/Dec - 2010
                             Nov/Dec - 2009
                             2-marks with answer 

                       Computer Networks
                             Nov/Dec - 2010
                             Nov/Dec - 2009
                      Digital Signal Processing
                              Nov/Dec - 2009

                      Information theory & coding                      (will be updated soon ....)
                              Nov/Dec - 2009

                     Java Programming                                       (will be updated soon ....)
                                 Nov/Dec - 2010
                                Nov/Dec - 2009
                    Engineering Economics & Financial Accounting
                            Nov/Dec - 2010

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 IT 5th sem Java two marks with answer
B.E IT Digital Signal Processing two marks with answer
B.E IT Information theory & coding two marks with answer
B.E IT Engineering Economics two marks with answer
 IT 5th sem System Software two marks with answer


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