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Anna university gpa calculator. GPA, credit point calculator common to all department all semester all regulations. Anna university online Grade Point Average (GPA) Calculator for Chennai, Madurai, Coimbatore, Tirunelveli, Trichy.. MBA, MCA, E&I, Aero, Mech, Civil, EEE, ECE, CSE,IT chemical, bio tech & other departments. credit point for subjects. gpa Mobile APP.
GPA calculator anna university
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How to use this tool  1.Enter your subject credit, Grade                                              ex:   ( sub1 (M3)       4             B     )   

Note : If you have only 8 subject(less than 9) give credit zero to extra subjects, so thGat you can calculate gpa even for less than 9 subject  .

Anna University Gpa calculator.

 Gpa Calculator for Electronics & Instrumentation engineering and btech bio technology. only online gpa calculator with credit points and subject codes in regulations 2008 and reg 2013. Calculate for each sem even with arrear.

 Android app for Engineering students. Gpa calculator mobile app with more features, one of the top must have app for Engineering students. cgpa & gpa calculator android mobile app.

Au mechanical department gpa calculator. Supports Aeronautical, Automobile and chemical engineering..etc

  for your college  here .check out current rating of Engineering colleges..

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Coming soon android app to calculate gpa - download for free.

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Given 2 strings return a new string made of the first char of a and the last char of b.

java convert char to string .charAt(). Java logic programming question with answer.
-Given 2 strings, a and b, return a new string made of the first char of a and the last char of b, so "yo" and "java" yields "ya". If either string is length 0, use '@' for its missing char.

lastChars("last", "chars") → "ls"
lastChars("yo", "java") → "ya"
lastChars("hi", "") → "h@"

 Solution :
     public String lastChars(String a, String b) {
             String n;
             int l2= a.length();
             int l3= b.length();
             char co,ct;
              if (l2 == 0)
                   co ='@';
                  co = a.charAt(0);


A string of odd length, return the string length 3 from its middle, so "Candy" yields "and".

Java Logic programming. remove white space from string, substring -Given a string of odd length, return the string length 3 from its middle, so "Candy" yields "and". The string length will be at least 3. 

middleThree("Candy") → "and"
middleThree("and") → "and"
middleThree("solving") → "lvi"

Solution :    (to print string length 3 from its middle)

  class techietouch {

  public void middleThree(String str) {
      String newsub;
      int length = str.length();
         if (length == 3)
         int remo= (length /2)-1;


Web Technology/ ADP important Question May/June 2013

wt - web technology, Advanced Java Programming  anna university may/june 2013 excepted Question &  AJP for cse department 6th semester.

                                                WEB Technology 
 Advanced Java Programming

                                   Advanced Java Programming

1. filter and pipe streams
2.Byte Code interpretation
3. Threading


1. Steps in Creating Sockets & Explain various sockets
2. Reading & writing Data from the server
3. Java Messaging services

1. Explain Remote method Invocation with ex
2. CORBA programming Models
3. IDL technology & Naming Services

   -session tracking
2. applet to Servlet communication with ex
3. JDBC – Applications on databases
4. Multimedia streaming applications

1. Transaction sateless session Beans
2. Entity Beans & Persistent Entity Beans

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Anna University 7th Sem CSE Question Papers

7th semester subjects computer graphics cg, digital signal processing dsp, Mobile pervasive computing mpc, Engineering economics & financial accounting eefa previous year model question papers. Notes & 2marks with answer for 7th sem.

Read Question banks and important questions from our MOBILE APP more features coming soon.

check out anna university site for Electives

    Data Warehouse 

                 November-December 2011
                 November-December 2012
                 2-marks with solution

     Computer Graphics 

                 November-December 2011
                 November-December 2012
                 2-marks with solution


                 November-December 2013
                 November-December 2012
                 2-marks with solution

Anna University 7th Sem CSE Question Papers


                 November-December 2013
                 November-December 2012
                 2-marks with solution



How to Install DB2 in Linux


 IBM DB2 Express-C Installation in Ubuntu
 Manual Installation of DB2

 Pre requirements :
        Run the following command to install required Library

                 sudo apt-get install libaio-dev      

                 sudo apt-get install libaio1

      If java is not already installed in your system run the following command 
                 sudo  apt-get install sun-java6-jdk  

 Download DB2 from here 

   1.   Extract the downloaded  file & change the directory 
                           cd expc


How To Install Rational Software Architect (RSA)


Rational Software Architect 8.5

 For Ubuntu & Windows ..

Link  to Download

       Choose a recommended Download    i.e   using  IBM Installation Manager

       Provide the E-mail id, you Registered with IBM site

                In Next step, Download the 91Mb exe File For windows
                For Ubuntu download 90Mb zip file .