How to Install DB2 in Linux

 IBM DB2 Express-C Installation in Ubuntu
 Manual Installation of DB2

 Pre requirements :
        Run the following command to install required Library

                 sudo apt-get install libaio-dev      

                 sudo apt-get install libaio1

      If java is not already installed in your system run the following command 
                 sudo  apt-get install sun-java6-jdk  

 Download DB2 from here 

   1.   Extract the downloaded  file & change the directory 
                           cd expc

    2.  Proceed Installation by Executing  the following command
                     sudo ./db2setup         

How to install DB2 in ubuntu
       3. Now the DB2 setup window will be opened ,proceed with it 

Manual Installation of DB2

             Click Install New
   4. Next step , Accept the software License Agreement 
DB2 Express-C Installation in Ubuntu
    5. Select  custom installation type (620-760MB)
How to install DB2 in Linux ubuntu
    6. Installation Action 
 Manual Installation of IBM DB2

     Leave features,Language,Documentation,DAS user ,Instance Owning user  as default  & proceed to next step

     7. Fence User 
 Manual Installation of DB2
     8. Communication & startup  -   port number should be 50000
 Manual Installation of DB2
  9. Notification setup 
             Note : Notification SMTP server   localhost.localdomain
How to install DB2 Express in ubuntu

      click Finish,  DB2 perform the required configuration  this may take several minutes ..
  Now you  are  done with the installation 
There New user account have been created for DB2

Validating your installation

            After installing DB2, you can run three commands to verify that your installation 
   is in good shape:

                db2level              -This command displays information about the DB2 product installed,
 fix pack level, and other details.
               db2licm -l             -   This command lists all the licensing information specific to your
installed DB2 products
               db2val:                  -    It validates your installation by verifying the core functionality
 of your DB2 copy. It makes sure your instances are consistent, and that database creation 
 and database connections work.

 Log in db2inst1 or dasusr1 to use DB2.
   To learn how to connect DB2 with java in eclipse IDE go here .
         To know DB2 Basic commands (create/update tables etc) go here. 


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