How To Install Rational Software Architect (RSA)

Rational Software Architect 8.5

 For Ubuntu & Windows ..

Link  to Download

       Choose a recommended Download    i.e   using  IBM Installation Manager

       Provide the E-mail id, you Registered with IBM site

                In Next step, Download the 91Mb exe File For windows
                For Ubuntu download 90Mb zip file .

How To Install Rational Software Architect (RSA)

RSA Installation for Windows  

           1)    Install the downloaded exe file .
                 Open the Installation Manager, before you proceed check your Internet Connection 
          2)   Installation  will create a new package Group in
                         " Program Files\IBM\SDP "
               Recommended to go with default
         3)  Here if you want package to bundled with a version of Eclipse in your computer then check "Extend an existing Eclipse"  then  Browse for the folder that contain eclipse exe file

               If you don't have Eclipse, go with the default installation
        4)  Now the features included in RSA will be listed
                     Leave it to default proceed to next step      (recommended)
        5)  Access Help System
                          Access Help from web
 Now Installation Manager proceed to Download& install RSA (nearly 700MB) from its repository. 

        RSA Installation for Ubuntu 

               1)  Extract the downloaded zip file

              2)  Change the directory   -  cd home/prads/Downloads/IBMIM_linux  
              3)   ./install          

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